Bulk assessments

bulk assessments for schools and mats

Using the latest technology and software, we are able offer time efficient, and cost effective, Tier 1 EP assessments to schools purchasing multiple assessments, to be carried out in one visit.
Bulk assessments follow a specific model and process, in order to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness, whilst maintaining a comprehensive, high quality assessment, and written report: 
  • background information is collected via online questionnaires
  • questionnaire data is analysed by Aimee before the visit to ensure an appropriate assessment is planned
  • a trained psychometrician supports Aimee in carrying out the assessments 
  • at the end of the appointment, Aimee holds a feedback meeting  to discuss the results and plan provision with the SENCo 
  • Aimee provides a full written report on each student within one week of the appointment

why choose bulk assessements...?

  • to increase efficency 

  • to reduce costs

  • to alleviate the 'bottleneck' in children and young people 'waiting' for educational psychologist involvement 

  • to improve access to psychological services for children or young people who may not usually meet the 'threshold' for EP involvement 

  • MATs wishing to use this model can benefit from a single point of access, whereby referrals are made via a central email address, and assessments are carried out in one hosting school

How much do bulk assessments cost...?
Bulks assessments are priced at £500 per child or young person. For the discounted rate to apply, either two or four assessments must be booked and carried out in a single visit. 

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