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For all enquiries, please email Amanda (Assessment Coordinator):

For us to best assist you, please tell us the age of the assessee, and provide a brief summary of your concerns and reasons for seeking an assessment. 

If you have not received a reply within two working days, please check your junk mailbox. 


We usually have a 6 to 8 week waiting list for individual assessments. 

If you are a school that has commissioned work under an annual contract, you will be given priority over schools that commission individual assessments on an ad-hoc basis. Contracted work also benefits from reduced fees.

Where do assessments take place?                          

Assessments take place in our clinic in Colchester (unless the assessment is commissioned by the school,  in which case we may visit the school). 

Do you offer a 'expert witness' (SEND Tribunal) service?

No, we do not work with lawyers, prepare reports in a tribunal-specific format, or attend SEND Tribunals. 

Do you involve the school?

Yes, this is an essential part of the process. We use an online questionnaire to gather the teacher's views. 

Will a diagnosis be made? 

We can make a diagnosis where there is supporting evidence from within the assessment. 

Is the school obliged to implement the recommendations in the EP report? 

Schools cannot reject an EP report on the basis that it was privately commissioned. We work collaboratively with schools and find that our reports are well-received. 

Is the Local Authority obliged to consider a private EP report?  

Local Authorities cannot refuse to consider a report from an HCPC registered Educational Psychologist on the basis it was privately commissioned. 

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