Covid-19 policy and procedures

Updated 1 November 2020
Remote assessments are available for children accessing the test from their school. These are identical to face-to-face assessments but take place online over screen sharing technology. 
Face to face assessments are currently available at our Colchester consulting rooms. Your safety and the safety of our practitioners is our priority.  In line with Government guidelines, the following measures have been implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus
Additional hygiene measures 
  • Our consulting rooms are cleaned before and after every assessment. 
  • Equipment is cleaned before and after use.
  • Anyone entering the room is required to clean their hands using the sanitiser provided.
  • Tissues, hand sanitiser, and wipes are available for the client to use throughout the assessment.
Use of PPE
  • Adults and children over the age of 11 are asked to wear a face covering when entering the building unless they are in an exempt category. 
  • The practitioner will wear a visa/mask during the assessment, in instances where it is not possible to physical distance. 
Social distancing measures
  • Clients are asked to arrive at the time of their appointment, not before.
  • No waiting in the reception area is allowed.
  • Client bookings are staggered to ensure that no more than 1 client (and their parent/carer) are exiting or entering the building at the same time.
  • Use of electronic assessments (iPads) allows a physical distance of 2 metres between the child and practitioner. 
  • We have reduced the number of assessments that take place per week. 
Symptom, policy and guideline check
  • Clients are required to confirm they have read and agree to the Covid-19 policy and procedures.
  • On the day of the appointment, clients are required to attest via a short online form that they and their family/household are symptom free. They are not permitted to enter the building beforehand. 
  • On arrival, temperatures are taken at the door.
  • Clients are required to sign in using the NHS track and Trace system. The barcode for scanning this on a phone is displayed outside the consulting room door. 
We do not permit anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to enter the consulting room. If you or anyone in your household have Covid-19 symptoms and are therefore required to self-isolate, there is no charge for cancelling/rescheduling the appointment. 
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