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EP Assessments for Children
educational psychologists assessments
Educational Psychologists are extensively trained in understanding the learning and development of children and young people. Dr Aimee Swithenbank, Lead Educational Psychologist, has over ten years' experience in private and public sector roles, working with children who have special educational needs. 
Educational Psychologists are trained to look at the pupil holistically. As such, all our assessments are broad-based and consider the range of factors which can affect learning and development.  
Our assessments: 
  • Provide an explanation of the presenting concerns; this may include a diagnosis if the evidence supports one. 
  • Highlight the pupil's strengths and needs. 
  • Provide highly tailored advice. 
  • Signpost you to specialist services, if required. 
  • Include a comprehensive assessment report. 
EP Assessments for Children
our model of working with schools
  • Schools can make a booking over email or phone. 
  • Online questionnaires are completed by staff and parents prior to the appointment. These are designed to screen for a broad range of issues, such as social communication (ASD), attention and regulation (ADHD), mental health, language (Developmental Language Disorder), and physical difficulties (dyspraxia). 
  • We assess a minimum of two, and a maximum of four, pupils per day - allowing 2.5 hours of assessment time with each pupil.   
  • Within about one week of the visit, a feedback meeting is held with the SENCo to discuss the results. 
  • An assessment report on each pupil is sent to the SENCo within three weeks of the visit. 
Teacher and Student
why us 
  • We work efficiently to save you time and money. Background information is collected through online questionnaires. 
  • We use gold-standard psychometric testing which is delivered via iPads. This is an engaging method for pupils and also allows for social distancing. 
Student Doing Homework

We charge per assessment. Please contact us for prices.