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EP Assessments for Children
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Educational psychologists  are extensively trained in understanding the learning and development of children and young people. Aimee, Lead Educational Psychologist at Swithenbank Psychology, has a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, and over ten years' experience working with children who have special educational needs.
All our assessments at Swithenbank Psychology are broad-based and consider the range of factors that can affect learning and development. We are trained to look at the pupil holistically rather than at isolated areas of development. Common issues we can support with include literacy (dyslexia), maths (dyscalculia), slow progress at school, and social-emotional development. 
EP Assessments for Children
what outcomes to expect
  • An explanation of the presenting concern(s) i.e. why the student is struggling at school. 
  • A comprehensive picture of the student's strengths and needs. 
  • Highly tailored advice to help the student move forward. 
  • A written report. ​​
Teacher and Student
Assessment process 
  • Schools can book an assessment over the phone or email​. 
  • Online questionnaires are completed by parents and school staff to gather background information on the pupil.
  • Individual assessments are carried out with the pupil. 
  • Following the assessment, a remote feedback meeting is arranged with the SENCo to discuss the results.
  • A written report is sent to the SENCo within three weeks.
We can complete two, four or six assessments in one visit, depending on which assessment option you choose. 

Assessment options

All our assessments are broad-based and cover the range of factors that can affect learning. We look at the pupil holistically rather than at isolated areas of development. The different assessment options are designed to reflect the depth of the assessment required, rather than the areas covers. 


  • Brief cognitive and academic assessment 

  • Light touch consideration of social and emotional needs 

Suitable for: 

  • Access Arrangements 

  • Light touch support 


  • Comprehensive cognitive and academic assessment 

  • Light touch consideration of social and emotional needs

Suitable for: 

  • Diagnostic assessments e.g dyslexia and dyscalculia 

  • Supporting One Plans/ IEPs

  • Pre-statutory advice 

Standard Plus 

  • Comprehensive cognitive and academic assessment 

  • In depth assessment of social and emotional needs, bespoke to presenting concerns 

Suitable for

  • Complex SEMH cases/ where there are multiple areas of need.

Preteen schoolgirl doing her homework wi
  • All our assessments can be carried out face-to-face or remotely. You choose.

  • Our assessment options are designed to offer you an efficient, flexible and affordable service.

  • We have reduced all burdensome paperwork and use online questionnaires to gather information efficiently.  

  • Our recommendations are practical. 


Student Doing Homework

We charge per assessment. Please contact us for prices.


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