Educational Psychologist Assessments For Schools

EP Assessments for Children
Our Assessments 

EPs are specialists in understanding how to help children and young people learn. We can be the first port of call when a child or young person is struggling at school. We look at the pupil holistically, and consider a broad range of factors which can affect learning and development.


An individual assessment typically includes: 

  • Online questionnaires to gather background information. 

  • About 2 hours of individual testing with the child or young person. This usually includes a cognitive and academic assessment, as well as any other social-emotional assessments, as required. 

  • A feedback meeting with the SENCo/key adults. 

  • A comprehensive written report.​

An assessment will explain the presenting concerns, identify strengths and difficulties, and provide clear advice on how to help the pupil to move forward. This may include a diagnosis (such as dyslexia or dyscalculia), if the evidence from within the assessment supports one.

We also offer a pre-statutory advice service, which includes an assessment of the four broad areas of SEN as required. Reports are written in an EHCP format, with a summary of the child or young person’s strengths and difficulties under each area of SEN, suggested outcomes, and recommended provision

EP Assessments for Children
Assessment Process
  • Schools can make a booking over phone or email. 

  • Online questionnaires are used to gather background information from staff and parents.

  • We assess a minimum of two pupils per day. 

  • At the end of the day we hold a feedback meeting with the SENCo. 

  • Schools are invoiced on the day of the assessment. 

  • The written report takes three weeks. 

Assessments take place in school or online using gold-standard digital resources.

Teacher and Student

We charge per assessment. Please contact us for prices.