individual assessments

educational Psychologist assessments

What do EP assessments cover?
EP assessments are broad-based, and can look at the range of factors which may be impacting on the child or young person's progress in school. For example:
  • Literacy and dyslexia 
  • Numeracy and dyscalculia
  • General learning difficulties 
  • Memory and processing speed
  • Attention  
  • Self-regulation
  • Language 
  • Social communication 
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood and self-esteem
  • Motivation and engagement 
  • Sensory processing 
 Our EP assessments will:
  • Identify factors affecting the child or young person's progress at school 
  • Explain the presenting concerns 
  • Provide advice on how to help the child or young person make progress 
  • Signpost the client to services or other specialist assessments 
Assessment process 
  • Assessments can take place in the child or young person's school, home or in our Colchester clinic.
  • Prior to the appointment, we will use electronic questionnaires to gather background information and screen for common issues. 
  • On the day of the appointment, will we assess the child or young person using standardised tests to gather information about their thinking and academic skills. We will then meet with parents to discuss the results and plan a way forward. If the appointment is taking place in school, we will also meet with staff and observe the child or young person in class, provided this has been agreed in advance. 
  • Regardless of whether the child or young person meets the criteria for a diagnosis such dyslexia or dyscalculia, we will discuss with you the educational implications of their results and any further action that may need to be taken. 
  • Two to three weeks after the appointment, you will receive a comprehensive written report. 
Assessment options 
At Swithenbank Psychology we offer two assessment options. 
Tier 1 Assessment 
  • Cognitive assessment (e.g. verbal comprehension, non-verbal problem solving, working memory and processing speed) 
  • Academic assessment 
  • Consideration of social and emotional needs (through consultation with staff/parents and observing the child) 
Tier 2 Assessment 
  • Cognitive assessment 
  • Academic assessment 
  • Full assessment of social and emotional needs
The Tier 2 assessment builds on the Tier 1 assessment. It includes a cognitive and academic assessment but also a full assessment into social and emotional needs. For example, social communication, emotional wellbeing, and self-regulation, depending on the presenting concerns.  As part of this process, additional questionnaires and/or assessments may be administered. 
Assessment pricing
                   Remote             Clinic          school/
                                                                       Home visit      
Tier 1          £700                £650             £800                
Tier 2          N/A                 £800             £950                
Our clinic is currently being refurbished. Clinic assessments are available from September 2020. Please contact us to discuss alternative options.
Discounts are available for schools and multi-academy trusts wanting to purchase multiple Tier 1 assessments. See bulk assessments for further information. 

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