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educational psychologist assessments
EPs are extensively trained in understanding the learning and development of children and young people. All our EP assessments look holistically at the child and consider the range of factors that can affect children's learning in school including: 
  • Literacy and dyslexia 
  • Numeracy and dyscalculia
  • Cognition
  • Memory and processing speed
  • Attention and self-regulation
  • Language and communication 
  • Social interaction 
  • Anxiety, low mood and self-esteem
  • Motivation and engagement 
Sometimes it may not be clear what factors are affecting pupil's learning. An EP assessment can unpick the issues, explain the presenting concerns, and provide a clear route forward. 
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what to expect
By looking holistically at the pupil, our EP assessments provide you with a comprehensive picture of their strengths and difficulties.
We also explain the presenting concerns, which may include a diagnosis (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia), if present. 
​We provide tailored recommendations to help the pupil move forward and make progress with their learning. 
If additional needs such as possible Autism Spectrum Condition, dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Developmental Language Disorder are highlighted through the assessment process, we will discuss this with you and signpost you to the relevant services. 
Assessment process 
  • Schools can make a booking over phone or email. 
  • Once the booking is confirmed, we send online questionnaires to the SENCo and pupil's parents to gather background information. 
  • On the day of the appointment, we complete up to three hours of individual assessment with the pupil.  
  • Within three weeks of the appointment, we send a written report to the SENCo and offer a feedback meeting to discuss the results and plan the next steps together.
Assessments can take place in the child's school or in our Colchester assessment room. We are also offering remote assessments, which are identical to face-to-face assessments but take place over video conference call. 
Assessment options 
At Swithenbank Psychology we offer two assessment packages: Tier 1 focuses predominantly on learning and cognition, while Tier 2 builds on this to include further consideration of social and emotional needs. 
All our EP assessments include  tests of academic and cognitive ability. 
As well as the above, Tier 2  includes a social emotional assessment using tools appropriate to the pupil's needs and presenting concerns. For example, additional questionnaires, and child-friendly interview/drawing techniques to elicit pupil views. 
Tier 1 - cognition and learning assessment 
  • Cognitive assessment 
  • Academic assessment (including dyslexia and dyscalculia)
  • Screening for difficulties related to  Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), Developmental Language Disorder, dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder, mental health, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Tier 2 - cognition, learning and social emotional assessment 
  • Cognitive assessment 
  • Academic assessment 
  • Screening for difficulties related to ASC, Developmental Language Disorder, dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder, mental health, and ADHD
  • Social and emotional needs assessment
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when an ep assessment may be helpful

There are many reasons why a school may seek an EP assessment for a pupil. For example:

  • Sometimes it may not be clear what factors are causing the presenting concerns. An EP assessment can provide a first port of call to unpick the difficulties, explain the issues, and provide a clear route forward

  • Schools often want an updated EP assessment and report to submit with an EHCP application, or to update an EHCP.  Our EPs are experienced at writing advice which is suitable for this purpose. 

  • We can also work in liaison with schools to assess pupils' eligibility for Access Arrangements (e.g. extra time in exams)

  • It may be that you already have access to local authority EPs but want top up services that are perhaps not available through the local authority. 

Although EPs are trained in understanding the broad spectrum of need, some diagnostic assessments are beyond the scope of an educational psychologist assessment. For example, a diagnostic assessment for autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, dyspraxia, or Developmental Language Disorder.  Our EP assessments screen for common issues related to these conditions. If challenges in these areas are highlighted through the assessment process, we will discuss this with you and  signpost you to the relevant services. In these instances, our remit is not to diagnose, but to highlight the pupil's strengths and needs in each area, and to provide you with clear recommendations to support the pupil in school.

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Prices start from £500 and are provided on enquiry.


Discounts are applied to multiple bookings and contracted work. We also offer reduced- priced services for disadvantaged children; please see our Colchester Community page for more information. 

Priority is given to contracted work, and previous clients. 

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why choose us

  • We look holistically at the presenting concerns, not at isolated areas of learning. The result is a comprehensive written report, with tailored recommendations, and a clear route forward.

  • Our recommendations are highly tailored and evidence-based, but also practical. 

  • We offer schools reasonably priced services so that as many pupils as possible can benefit from a high quality assessment; unpicking difficulties at the earliest point possible, in a timely and preventative manner. 

  • We understand that SENCos and teachers are busy and have designed our assessment  process to be as efficient as possible; replacing  paperwork with one, comprehensive online questionnaire to gather views. (This can be followed up with a consultation where required).

  • We have the skills, expertise, experience, and technology to offer all our assessments remotely.

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