Assessments for adults with learning disabilities

educational psychologists assessments
Educational psychologists are extensively trained in understanding the learning and development of people. Aimee, Lead Educational Psychologist at Swithenbank Psychology, is an HCPC registered psychologist. She has a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, and over ten years' experience working in educational settings and vocational day care services.
Our EP assessments are broad-based and cover the range of factors which may be affecting an adult's development. 
Students in Cafeteria
what outcomes to expect
  • A comprehensive understanding of the adults strengths and difficulties.
  • An explanation of the presenting concerns. This may include a diagnosis, such as a learning disability, if present. 
  • Highly tailored advice, which is focused on helping the adult to achieve outcomes that are important to them.  
  • A written psychological report. 
Adult Students
Assessment process 
  • You can make a booking over email or phone. 
  • All assessments begin by using online questionnaires to gather background information. 
  • On the day of the assessment, we complete approximately 2 hours of individual assessments using standardised tests which look at brain functioning, academic skills, and adaptive behaviour i.e. the skills needed to live and function independently in everyday life.  
  • Following the assessment, you will be offered a feedback meeting which is usually held over video call, to discuss the results. 
  • You will receive a written report within three weeks of the appointment.
College Student
when an ep assessment may be helpful

Parents and carers often seek an educational psychologist assessment on behalf of their son or daughter who has a learning disability. They may be supported with an EHCP in education or training. The assessment report can be used as evidence of the adult's strengths and needs, perhaps in preparation for an EHCP/Annual Review. 

Sometimes parents, carers, or services seek an educational psychologist assessment to determine whether the adult meets the criteria for an intellectual disability. 


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