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educational psychologists assessments
Educational psychologists are extensively trained in understanding the learning and development of children and young people. Aimee, Lead Educational Psychologist at Swithenbank Psychology, has a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, and over ten years' experience working with children who have special educational needs.
All our assessments at Swithenbank Psychology are broad-based and consider the range of factors that can affect learning and development. We are trained to look at the child holistically rather than at isolated areas of development. 
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assessment options 
Four young children (aged 3-5 years) we offer a developmental assessment which looks at strengths and needs in key areas of early development including: 
  • Language and communication 
  • Personal, social and emotional development 
  • Self-help, physical skills and independence 
  • Early learning, play and cognitive (thinking) skills 
The focus is on identifying the child's strengths as well as areas in which they may need additional support. 
what outcomes to expect
  • A comprehensive pictures of your child's strengths and needs in key areas of early development. 
  • An explanation of the presenting concerns. 
  • Highly tailored advice on how you and the preschool/nursery can support your child's development and learning.
  • A written psychological report. 
  • If there is evidence of a neurodevelopmental condition (e.g. autism), language difficulty, or physical need, we can discuss the educational implications with you (within the EP remit) and signpost you to more specialist health services (e.g. community paediatrics, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy), if required. 
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Assessment process 
  • Parents and carers can make a booking over email or phone. 
  • All assessments begin by using online questionnaires to gather background information and screen for strengths and needs in key areas of early development. 
  • On the day of the assessment, we complete approximately 1.5 hours of individual assessment. This is usually play-based, but may also include standardised assessments, if appropriate. 
  • Following the assessment you will be offered a feedback meeting, which is usually held over video call, to discuss the results. 
  • You will receive a written report within three weeks of the appointment.
when an ep assessment may be helpful

Sometimes parents seek an educational psychologist assessment because they are concerned about their child's development and would like advice on how to help them make progress.  

In some cases, parents may be considering applying for an EHCP and would like an assessment report to submit with their application. We are able to produce reports for this purpose; however, please note that we cannot say in advance of the assessment whether the results will support an EHCP application. However, we can  advise you on this once the assessment is complete. 

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Assessment FEES

Assessments take place in our Colchester consulting rooms and start from £600.

Preschool and nursery visits are possible, provided the preschool/nursery is happy to agree to this and are able to meet our requirements (e.g. a suitable assessment area). Please be aware that some settings are not currently accepting visitors due to their Covid-19 restrictions. Preschool/nursery assessments are priced as above, plus an additional fee for travel time and mileage, which is quoted on enquiry. 

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