remote  educational psychologist assessments

Girl with Laptop
  • Our remote assessments are identical to our face-to-face assessments but they take place over video conference call (e.g. Microsoft Teams/ Zoom) using digital resources and screen share. 
  • The child accesses the remote assessment from their home or school. They will need a computer or laptop with high quality video and audio, and good internet speed. An adult will need to be available to support the process. 
  • The Educational Psychologist accesses the remote assessment from our Colchester assessment room. We send you the resources required for the assessment via courier in a sealed envelope. The envelope is opened on screen, at the start of the assessment. At the end of the assessment, the resources are sealed in the envelope provided, and collected by the courier at an agreed time. 
  • The video conference call is recorded for safeguarding purposes. 
  • As with our face-to-face assessments, online questionnaires are used to gather background information.
  • Within one week of the appointment, a feedback  meeting is held over a video call to discuss the assessment results.
  • We send you the assessment report no later than three weeks after the appointment.