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staff training 

Staff training

Aimee offers a range of training sessions that can be tailored to your school's needs, related but not limited to: 
  • Supporting working memory in the classroom
  • Precision Teaching 
  • Metacognition and self-regulation
  • Reciprocal Teaching 
  • Using strategies from CBT to build resilience
  • Solution Circles - problem solving 
  • Circle of Adults 
  • Implementing the SEND Code of Practice 
  • Person Centred Planning/One Planning 
  • Using solution focused approaches in schools
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) training (5 days, £2750)
Unless otherwise stated, training sessions are designed to fit into a 1/2 day session, or two 90 minute twilight slots. Cost £550. 
Accredited courses 
As a licensed ELKLAN Tutor, Aimee can offer a range of accredited courses for teaching and support staff, aimed at promoting pupils' speech, language and communication. Courses consist of ten 1/2 day sessions, and are priced at £2750 per group (of up to 10 members of staff).

EP services can also be purchased at a day rate of £550, or for 10 or more days per year, £525. Time can be used flexibly. Priority is given to contracted work. See our PACKAGES FOR SCHOOLS.

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