annual and

termly packages

for schools and MATs

These packages are available to schools and MATs who wish to purchase 10 or more days, to be used  within one school term (termly package), or across the academic year (annual package). Time can be used flexibly, according to the school's needs and intended outcomes.





Looking to improve your SEMH offer? 

Choose from:

In addition, select from a range of training sessions designed to equip teachers and pastoral/support staff to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEMH difficulties:

Looking to improve language for learning..?

Choose our 10-session language and learning package to equip staff with the skills to identify, support and promote effective speech, language and communication skills in children and young people. This includes a 10-session accredited ELKLAN course e.g. 


In addition, select from a range of training sessions  on research and evidence informed strategies and interventions for promoting learning and accelerating progress. 

  • Precision Teaching

  • Closing the vocabulary gap

  • Supporting working memory in the classroom 

  • Reciprocal Teaching 

  • Meta-cognition and self-regulation 

  • Retrieval Practice

  • Solution Circles


termly package examples

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