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Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) diagnostic assessments for adults 

This assessment is for adults who are experiencing challenges with their studies/work/everyday life and would like to know whether a SpLD may account for this. 

It includes tests of academic and cognitive ability, a feedback consultation to discuss the results, and a written psychological report. 

This broad-based assessment can detect all of the SpLDs:

  • dyslexia

  • dysgraphia

  • dyscalculia

  • dyspraxia

  • ADHD (non-medical diagnosis)                               

General learning difficulties and issues with reduced processing speed and working memory can also be identified. 

Assessments are conducted in-person (in our Colchester assessment room) or remotely. ​


​If you are an adult, or are enquiring on behalf of an adult, who is still in education and supported by an Education, Health and Care Plan, we can consider you for an individual educational psychologist assessment which has a broader focus. 

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FAQs for adult assessments

How much does an assessment cost?

£800 - this includes an individual assessment, feedback meeting and a written psychological report. 

When do you take payment? 

Full payment is required to make a booking. 


Where does the assessment take place?  ​

We have an assessment room in Colchester. Parking is available onsite and directions/address are provided in the welcome pack. If you prefer, we can arrange a remote assessment. 

How long is the assessment? 

This can vary, but typically 2.5 hours. Breaks are offered as required.

Will a diagnosis be made? 

Where there is evidence from within the assessment data, a formal diagnosis will be made. This assessment can detect all five SpLDs.  

When will I receive the report? 

You will receive the report three weeks after the assessment.


What can I expect from the report?  

The report is a comprehensive document which details the findings, provides an explanation of the concerns and gives general recommendations


Can I submit the report with an Access to Work application?

Yes. If you are diagnosed with a SpLD following an assessment with Aimee, the SpLD diagnosis will be confirmed in writing in the psychological report and can be used as evidence of your disability for Access to Work applications. 

Contact Us

For further information about our assessments please email Amanda (assessment coordinator) at

To help us assist with your enquiry, please provide a brief description of your concerns and the reasons for seeking an assessment.  ​

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