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Diagnostic assessment for Specific Learning Differences/Difficulties (SpLD)

This assessment is for adults who want to find out if they have a specific learning difference, and/or establish their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

It includes gold-standard tests of academic and cognitive ability (e.g., WIAT-III and WAIS-IV), a feedback meeting to discuss the results, and a written psychological report. 

Issues that can be identified through this assessment include:

  • dyslexia and reading/spelling difficulties

  • dysgraphia and writing difficulties

  • dyscalculia and maths difficulties

  • dyspraxia and physical coordination difficulties

  • general learning and cognitive difficulties  

  • slow processing speed and working memory issues                

Assessments are conducted in-person in our Colchester clinic, or remotely if preferred. ​All assessments are carried our by Dr Aimee Swithenbank, educational psychologist and Practitioner Psychologist registered with the HCPC (PYL32205).

Reports are SASC-compliant, and can be submitted with Disabled Students' Allowance and Access to Work applications. 


​If you are an adult, or are enquiring on behalf of an adult, who is still in education and supported by an Education, Health and Care Plan, we can consider you for an individual educational psychologist assessment which has a broader focus. 

Assessments from £500

Working from Home

How we work  

  • Before the assessment we complete pre-assessment work (gathering background information via questionnaires).

  • If the assessment is taking place remotely we will send you the exam papers in advance.

  • On the day of the appointment you will undertake a range of academic and cognitive tests, as well as a diagnostic interview.

  • Immediately after an in-person assessment, we hold a feedback meeting to discuss the findings. For remote assessments, the meeting will be held online about a week later, once we have received the exam papers.

  • Within three weeks of the assessment you will receive a written, SASC-compliant diagnostic report.

  • The report will confirm the presence/absence of any a specific learning difficulty, and detail the person's academic and cognitive strengths/challenges. Where appropriate, recommendations for reasonable adjustments and access arrangements are made.

Contact Us

In your email please include your name, the age of the person to be assessed, a brief outline of your concerns and the type of work you are interested in. 

Working from Home
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