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Educational psychologist assessments for schools

Dr Aimee Swithenbank is an experienced freelance educational psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (see Practitioner Psychologist, registration number PYL32205).

Aimee provides individual assessments for students who are struggling at school/college and facing barriers their learning and education.

An assessment will pinpoint the underlying difficulties, explain the presenting concerns and provide advice on strategies and interventions to address the identified needs. Strengths are also highlighted so that teachers and parents can continue to nurture the talents and skills the student may already have. 

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Understanding the student's strengths and barriers to learning

EPs are trained to look holistically at children and to consider the range of factors which may be impeding their progress. Typically, an assessment can cover the four broad areas of SEN (see below), with greater focus on any area/s of particular concern or those which need further unpicking.  

Communication and Interaction

  • Receptive language - understanding what is said

  • Expressive (spoken) language 

  • Social communication e.g., use of verbal and non-verbal means of communication during social interactions


Cognition and Learning

  • Academic attainment (literacy and maths)

  • Cognitive abilities e.g., processing speed, working memory and reasoning/logic

  • Self-perceptions  e.g., confidence and self-esteem when learning 

  • Approaches to learning e.g., self-regulation of emotions/movement, motivation/engagement, resilience and response to challenge


Social, Emotional and Mental Health

  • Social skills e.g., how the child interacts with peers and adults, their ability to share, and coping with and managing conflict 

  • Emotional literacy skills e.g., understanding own emotions and those of others, ability to self-regulate emotional state, openness to co-regulation of emotional state

  • Mental health needs e.g., attachment difficulties, anxiety and low mood  

Sensory and/or Physical Development

  • Sensory needs e.g., sensory-seeking or sensory-avoidant behaviours

  • Physical needs e.g., gross and fine motor skills

Online questionnaires are used prior to the assessment to gain consent and gather relevant information from parents and school staff. The individual assessment (typically 2.5 hours) is followed by a feedback meeting with staff to discuss the findings. The written report is completed within three weeks. 

FAQs for schools

How much does an assessment cost?

For all school-commissioned work, please contact us for rates available on an ad-hoc and contractual basis. 


Where does the assessment take place?  ​

​Unless otherwise agreed, all school-commissioned work takes place in the school. We request a room to work in for the day.  

Will a diagnosis be made? 

Where there is evidence from within the assessment data, a formal diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia) can be made. 

We cannot diagnose ADHD, ASC, sensory processing disorder, dyspraxia, anxiety disorder, attachment disorder, depression or developmental language disorder. These are medical conditions which fall under the remit of the health service and/or a multidisciplinary team. 

When will I receive the report? 

You will receive the report three weeks after the assessment.


What can I expect from the report?  

The report is a comprehensive document which details the findings, provides an explanation of the concerns and give highly tailored advice and recommendations to implement. 


Can I submit the report with an EHCP application? 

Yes, the report can be submitted as evidence of the student's special educational needs, and LAs cannot refuse to consider a report from an HCPC registered educational psychologist. 

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Request an assessment

For all enquiries or to request an assessment, please submit the School Referral Form

We aim to respond to enquiries within two working days. If you have not had a reply within this time, please check your junk mailbox. 


"I experienced a very professional and compassionate approach by Aimee to the assessment of my son. She gave a helpful feedback session and comprehensive report which we were able to share with the school. I would recommend Aimee to any parents who are seeking an assessment to understand and support their child’s needs within an education setting."


"Honestly I couldn’t be happier with the service provided. Professional from start to end, the whole process felt easy and most importantly my son was comfortable and at ease. The report was very thorough and helped myself and others understand his way of learning. I would definitely recommend your services and just wish I had done it sooner."


"Very knowledgeable assessment carried out. Was very happy to leave my child for the assessment. Excellent feedback and detailed report."
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